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CD in A5 Booklet (Seger 24) - SEGERHUVA

From the original 1983 press release :
- The most extreme and outstanding music from Sweden.
Desire, despair, disgust, destruction & death : The Sound of RJF.
This is the real thing, no false grace or hypocrisy.
RJF get their inspiration from the sickness of mankind.
This is not about music, this is survival and fighting back.
A cock down the throat of morality.
A knife in the back of society.
RJF create their own values : "Control & Knowledge" -

The sounds on this disc drag you all the way back to the chilly gutters of early 80's fierce electronics.
Menacing and mechanical noises, grating rhythms pick on your nerve endings, this is a sinister reminder that something was alive back then, something that is missing now.
This CD-reissue of the old LP has been re-mastered from vinyl since the master tapes are missing and is packaged in a 12-page booklet A5 sleeve with lots of pictures, liner notes by Kristian Olsson and original art made by Leif Thuresson.

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