Rotten Sarcoma


Music Cassette (Vanity Recordings 013) - VANITY RECORDINGS

Limited Edition 100 copies

Second SCRELOMA album [Rotten Sarkoma] originally released by Steinklang Industries as a CD-R in 2008 is also reissued by tape from Vanity Recordings in 2020.
Sound source this time is an original version that was mastered in Tokyo in 2008.
The up-tempo song of the previous work hides the sound, and instead expresses a tingling tension reminiscent of This Heat, a cold world view.

He was interested in the human inner world (spiritual world) and focused on resentment of the world and self-confused reflection.
It started with a song expressing a drug experiment for inmates, followed by a middle-tempo non-minimal song, with songs like a strange monster in front of you, songs that take you deep into the corridor of the hospital wearing a restraining garment, and songs like the moment a geeky mad scientist pushes the joy button.
This work is more represented by a coldly awake, hatred noise that seems to cause psychosis, rather than a powerful noise.
The original idea puts irony and anger in everything in the world.
Recommended for those who like Industrial / Noise, Power Electronics.

Side A
* truth serum
* shriek of pain
* skum-teck п (at 20000v)
* atomic test
* memories
Side B
* nuclear winter
* rotten sarkoma
* solitary confinement
* mad scientist

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