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Clerzphase" emphasises the legacy of primordial Sacher-Pelz in the same way as "Blut und Nebel" (2007) emphasises the legacy of primordial Maurizio Bianchi.
In both cases, MB took his archeo-material from the late 1970s / early 1980s and reworked it in a condensed and modernised way.
The tracks on "Clerzphase" - suniac, sunev, tsixe ot esaec, sruolev - are the backwards spelled titles of the four legendary "musique-concrete"-tapes that MB published under his moniker Sacher-Pelz around 1979 / '80.
In a certain contrast to that updated "sono-archeology", the last track of this CD - just titled "Clerzphase" - is presenting the newest contemporary approach of MB towards his resurrected Sacher-Pelz project...
The CD starts with a huge roaring thunderstorm of a greyest sound-vortex that lasts nearly half an hour; the listener may feel as if he is dragged into a metallic, colourless orbit in which he is doomed to slowly spin around by forever circuiting a vast planet of brooding nothingness!
The other sound-excursions are constructed in a similar way - the whole CD is aurally dominated by a sort of "noise-fog" (partly accentuated by reverb and echo), that is as dense and solid as the brink of deafness.
This artefact is not to be misused and should not be given to the fainthearted, since the entire work of "Clerzphase" exhales a profound sonic exorcism of highest quality.
Here the word "darkness" is no empty phrase.

Tracklist .
1 suniac
2 sunev
3 tsixe ot esaec
4 sruolev
5 clerzphase

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