Scleroma [Third Album]


Music Cassette (subliminal propaganda 01) - SUBLIMINAL PROPAGANDA

Limited Edition 30 copies

Released in 2019:
Finally a new SCRELOMA album after 11 years.
Produced little by little from around 2013, completed in the winter of 2018.
This time released only as a tape on SCRELOMA own new label SUBLIMINAL PROPAGANDA, in Japan.

The answer that he struggled to find his own style will be this work.
Completely non-minimal, ultra-serious song development, composed of sad and melancholy melody in synths and pianos, incorporating Tibetan music and African rhythm, shooting in the chaotic situation in conflict areas etc., also introduced voice with hatred and fury.
A violent, delicate and intricate, fictional war documentary film work was imagined, containing as much concentration as possible into all four songs such as heavy noise songs, post-industrial songs, and crazy folk songs.
SCRELOMA will continue to pursue his own style and search for noise music that never fits in the frame.
Recommended for those who like Power Electronics, Ethnic Music, Burzum (Hliðskjálf).

Side A
* The devastated near future
* Snow of ashes
Side B
* Infinite darkness
* Last view

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