Seeds in the Tide Volume 01


2xCD Digipack (ZOHAR 038-2) - ZOHARUM

2012 sees the 20th anniversary of solo artistic work of an artist extraordinaire Robin Storey under the moniker Rapoon.
Since 1992 and the release of his debut album "Dream Circle", Robin has been exploring the potential of post-indutrial ambience enhanced with ethnic sounds of African and Indian origin and using trial-and-error techniques inspired by contemporary experimentalists such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and krautrock giants such as Can and Faust to create elusive soundscapes too enchanting to ignore.
With over 50 releases under his belt, he has become one of the most prolific household names in the world of experimental electronics.
His works, sometimes harsh in nature, sometimes evocative or even gloomy, gained many devoted followers all over the world.

 This is the first volume in the series of archive releases celebrating 20 years of Rapoon's existence.
"Seeds in the Tide" will collect all the rare tracks released on compilations, small or limited formats.
The first disc entitled "Keepsakes and Oddities" contains tracks recorded between 1993 and 1999.
The second one is a reissue of the ultra-limited CDR version of the well-known "Messianicghosts" album which inclides the original version of the four tracks from that album that are significantly different from their later variants.

The tracks were faithfully restored.
The paintings on the cover is by Mr. Robin Storey himself and the design duties were handled by Maciej Mehring.

§  Keepsakes And Oddities From 1993-1999
1-1     Fallen Gods (7" Version)     6:26
1-2     Visionneuse     10:41
1-3     Shakaah     9:15
1-4     Untitled     1:06
1-5     Birethen     7:16
1-6     Amuz     3:57
1-7     Dust Of Faith     6:15
1-8     Exodus     5:03
1-9     Trial Of Lies     6:33
1-10     Recant     6:40
1-11     Distance In     4:49
1-12     Lest We Forget     7:01

§  Messianic Ghosts Originals
2-1     Messianic Ghosts     22:50
2-2     Eye Of Cloud     8:11
2-3     Babel's Tongues     31:18
2-4     Horned Moon     2:55

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