Shadow, Thief of the Sun

ZOVIET FRANCE [:zoviet*france:]

2xLP (VOD165.9/10) - VINYL ON DEMAND

Limited Edition 300 copies

That album was first released in 1991 only in CD format, finaly here comes for the first time the vinyl edtion.
Released just before a four-year layoff, Shadow, Thief of the Sun is both one of Zoviet France:'s better releases as well as one of its rarer albums (the label it was on, Death of Vinyl, had limited distribution and eventually went out of business).

While :zoviet*france: often wanders out into fairly random soundscapes, most of the material here is grounded by a drone of some sort, with atmospheric chanting and other instrumentation designed to complement the drone.
The drones aren't particularly heavy-handed, and sometimes it even threatens to float away altogether, as on the 20-minute-plus "Come Infinite," which knits together the delicate threads of scattered percussion and woodwinds.
About the hardest edge here is the percussion-heavy "Cahi-Yn-Yan," but even that percussion has so much echo that it seems almost gentle, too.
It's not as if stuff like this hasn't been done before -- indeed, in places it's very reminiscent of early Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream.

A1 The Silver Gate
A2 In my Secrecy I Was Real
A3 Feel the Warmth
A4 This Moment Obscure
A5 A Democratic Smirk

B1 Come Infinite

C1 Thin Air
C2 Cahl-yn-yan
C3 Static Fields
C4 Ciels Ténébreuse

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