MASSTISHADDHU (Metgumbnerbone side project)

Music Cassette (022) - ADVAITA

Limited Edition 100 copies

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Limited edition of 100 copies.

''Shekinah’ comprises two side-long slabs of highly experimental music in the early Coil / Current 93 / Organum vein with touches of Eastern (or is it North American?) mysticism thrown in for good measure.
‘For The Dead & Unborn’ is a wild, chilling and uninhibited chant-cum-invocation featuring wordless vocals set against a hypnotic backdrop of percussion and bowed instruments.
‘Angels Gather Here Between Purity Of Heart and Hopeless Despair’ is taken at a much slower pace with far less accent on the chanting and more emphasis on the bowed strings and singing / ringing percussion and at times had me glancing nervously over my shoulder!'
‘In the ‘80s underground, Ritual Ambient and Tribal Ambient were both coming to fruition and although they had a rough framework there wasn't yet a concrete basis for how the genres were set to develop.
Masstishaddhu exploited this potential to create a music that sounds like a well-executed modern Free Folk album - in 1988, a good decade before the New Weird America scene (spearheaded by the likes of Sunburned Hand Of The Man) began revolutionizing the idea of Folk music operating under rhythmic constraints.
In this sense ‘Shekinah’ is undoubtedly unique, perpetuating the 'ritual' side of ambient through disconcerting vocalizations and chants. It is deeply embedded within the Folk influence that uses atmosphere to sculpt instrumental improvisations, again, much like well-executed modern Free Folk does.'

Masstishaddhu was: Mike Watson, Richard Rupenus, Sean Breadin, all of them was also Metgumbnerbone members.

A.  For The Dead And Unborn
B.  Angels Gather Here Between Purity Of Heart And Hopeless Despair

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