CD Digipak (TumorCD86) - MALIGNANT

It’s been 8 long years since the release False Mirror’s highly acclaimed Derelict World, and SIGINT marks the return of one of the giants of the dark ambient genre.
Thematically centered around the gathering of intelligence via the interception of signals, SIGINT is an hour long creation of desolate beauty and isolated intricacies, where droning textural flow is incorporated with floating wasteland debris, distant transmissions, and fluid layers of climatic tones. Like all False Mirror’s work, the attention to detail and subtleties are unparalleled, striking a balance between field recordings and synthetic sounds in a perfectly conceptualized harmony of calming warmth and barren isolation.
Digipak with 12 page with:
“cryptographic manual” to decrypt a hidden message in track 10 that can be used to unlock a bonus track!

1 Perimeter 6:21
2 Transmission 5:18
3 Antenna 9:21
4 Trajectory 7:12
5 Fallout 6:11
7 Corona 5:47
8 Troposcatter 8:07
9 Aether 6:54
10 Message 2:42

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