Still Air [ aria immobile ]


CD Jewel-Box (RL 181000) - RADIO LUXOR

Kirlian Camera face the new millennium with one of their darkest works, if not the darkest, the dark fruit of a dark phase crossed by the Italian ensemble in the just preceding years.
The chilling opening requiem, "The Unreachable One", is the darkest testimony: eight minutes for three notes three that are repeated with a funereal, hypnotic step, torn by the oblique cuts of an icy electronic, crossed by the voices of ghosts , miasma of dead machines floating in the air, like disturbed frequencies picked up by the monumental antenna that stands out on the suggestive black and white cover.
This is the album for a new beginning...
But still in unmistakable KIRLIAN CAMERA electo-modern-classic style.

1 The Unreachable One 8:00
2 Black Harbour / Helma Nah' Shmarr 5:54
3 Absentee (Alamo Mix) 4:34
4 Uninhabited 2:49
5 Unaufmerksame Leute 8:15
6 The Hidden Voices 7:27
7 At Any Moment Now 5:59
8 Heaven's Darkest Shore 1 4:46
9 Anti-Light 9:02
10 Irgendwo 1:50

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