Sacrifice Unto Me



The release of "Sacrifice Unto Me" inaugurates the long-discussed "History of Violence" re-issue campaign by Slogun / Circle of Shit --- and BloodLust! is pleased to be a part of this series, as we are the label that released the earliest Slogun material in the mid-1990s
(B!016 "Sacrifice Unto Me" cassette - 1996; B!023 "The Will to Kill" cassette - 1996; B!026 "Lustkiller" 7-inch - 1996). Even before the label was launched, John Balistreri was a member of Intrinsic Action, and he was resident DJ at some of the earliest BloodLust! live events.
He has always been close to the label, with live shows, with an intense vocal contribution on the BLOODYMINDED "True Crime" CD (B!040, 2002) and with his recent 7-inch in the "private" series (B!053 "Bleached" - 2005). "Sacrifice Unto Me" was originally released in two quickly depleted limited editions: Circle of Shit 01 - C-60 - private edition of 10 copies (May 1996) and BloodLust! 016 - C-60 - edition of 50 copies (June 1996).
The audio for this re-mastered CD version was carefully prepared in Lille, France, by Jerome Nougaillon, and John Balistreri's distinctive graphic design sets the standard for the rest of the re-issue campaign.

Track listing:
1. "Prince Bundy"
2. "Dodd"
3. "Santa Cruz"
4. "What I See"
5. "Circle of Shit"
6. "Panzram's Head"

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