Snow Leopard Messiah


2xCD Digipack (TRI 517 CD) - TRISOL

“Snow Leopard Messiah" sees the long awaited reissue of two influential albums "Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude" and "Death in a Snow Leopard Winter" by the group NATURE AND ORGANISATION.
Formed in 1983 by iconic English artist, musician and composer Michael Cashmore, NATURE AND ORGANISATION utilised a mix of acoustic instruments, surreal sound collage, cut-up super 8mm film and tape loops to create a sound that would later be regarded as influential in the genre of post-industrial music.

In the mid 80's Cashmore came into contact with David Tibet (ex-PSYCHIC TV) of  the group CURRENT 93, which he later joined in 1990.
For the next 20 years Cashmore wrote almost exclusively all of the music for the group including the seminal albums "Of Ruine or some Blazing Starre", "Sleep has His House", "Soft Black Stars" and "Thunder Perfect Mind".
Not only is he responsible for influential songs like "A Sadness Song", "Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still" or "The Bloodbells Chime" that are long considered classic of the progressive folk and industrial genre, he moreover has written music for British wave legend Marc Almond (SOFT CELL) and avant garde sensation Antony (ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS), an artist renowned for his eclectic work and poignant nature, Cashmore is revered by music lovers as one of Britain's most influential and inspiring composers.

"Snow Leopard Messiah" is a double CD release, pressed on two special gold coloured CDs, and presented in a foil embossed full colour 4 panel digipak containing a booklet with lyrics and photos, and with all new artwork by Cashmore and remastered by Andrew Liles (CURRENT 93, NURSE WITH WOUND, etc).
Two bonus tracks are also included on disc 1 - "A dozen Summers against the World" and "To You". 

Working with CURRENT 93 gave Cashmore the perfect opportunity to record the first true NATURE AND ORGANISATION album "Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude". Released in 1994 the album included collaborations with David Tibet (ex-PSYCHIC TV, CURRENT 93), Douglas P. (DEATH IN JUNE), Rose McDowall (STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE) and Steven Stapleton (NURSE WITH WOUND) and demonstrated an advancement in the sound and composition of the groups musical output.
With its mix of classical, acoustic and industrial elements "Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude" is now regarded as one of the most influential and seminal albums in the post-industrial/neofolk genres.

Along with his work with CURRENT 93, Cashmore later in 1998 released a second NATURE AND ORGANISATION album "Death in a Snow Leopard Winter" and although the album was never actually completed it still serves as an incisive and beautiful testament to the group's direction at this time.  

Tracklisting CD#1:

1. Introduction
2. Wicker Man Song
3. 3Blood Of Solitude I
4. Bloodstreamruns
5. My Black Diary
6. Tears For An Eastern Girl
7. Beauty Destroyed
8. Skeletontonguedworld
9. Obession Flowers As Torture
10. Blood Of Solitude II
11. Bonewhiteglory
12. A Dozen Winters Of Loneliness
13. To You

Tracklisting CD#2:
1. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 1
2. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 2
3. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 3
4. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 4
5. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 5
6. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 6
7. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 7
8. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 8
9. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 9
10. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 10
11. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 11
12. Death In A Snow Leopard Winter - Part 12


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