The Devil’s Steed


CD Digipack (DV 50) - DARK VINYL

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This album of Sol Invictus goes back to the early days of the band.
The songs resemble that era more than the recent work did, since that was richer in instrumentation and had more experiment in composition.
Songs with a strong nostalgic feeling and historical consciousness, embedded in the enchanting effect of the for the fan familiar guitarplay of Sol Invictus.
Sometimes inspired on traditional songs, and sometimes not.
Sometimes venomous like in "A Steed for the Devil" and sometimes accessible like and easy to sing-a-long to like"?There Did Three Knights Come From The West".
Tony Wakeford gets musical help from old regulars like Karl Blake, Gary Parsons, Renee Rosen and Eric Roger.
The atmosphere of the record is dark, like the album title and the beautiful artwork by Tor Lundvall, already suggest.
This is a record that feels like a warm bath when listening to it, so recognisable and yet so good this is.
Absolute top of modern European darkfolk !

1 We Are The Dead Men 2:08
2 Old London Weeps 4:43
3 The North Ship 5:08
4 A Steed For The Devil 3:15
5 There Did Three Knights Come From The West 5:41
6 Twa Corbies 2:42
7 Semaphore Seasons 5:31
8 O Death Come Close My Eyes 3:18
9 The Devil's Steed 4:24
10 The Edge Beckons 3:34
11 Where Stone Lions Prowl 8:11
12 Come Winter Rain 2:15
13 A Window To The Sun 2:39
14 The Silver Swan 6:24

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