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Another splendidly majestic Sol Invictus release, 'Thrones' largely follows in the style of 'Hill of Crosses'.
A balance of dark and uplifting songwriting, and the established medieval / industrial / jazz / ballad / folk style played by this talented six piece band.
Homage is given to the English folk stronghold of Cornwall, and the romantic south-west tip of England.
Tony Wakeford is joined here by Matt Howden (Sieben), Sally Doherty, Karl Blake (Shock Headed Peters), Eric Roger (Gae Bolg) and Renée Rosen.

1 Gods (5:15)
2 Do And Say (7:19)
3 Gonesville (4:36)
4 Thrones (2:37)
5 Then He Killed Her (5:42)
6 In God We Trust (6:34)
7 Driftwood Thrones (4:36)
8 The Thrill Is Gone (4:37)
9 No Gods (5:14)
10 In The Blink Of A Star (5:25)

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