Ten Thousand Ways To Die

SRMeixner [Contrastate]

CD Digipack (SEGER 29 ) - SEGERHUVA

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Stephen Meixner might be better known for being a co-founder of the UK project "CONTRASTATE".
"Ten Thousand Ways to Die" draws its inspiration from the old spaghetti westerns that were so bountiful in the 60's and 70's.
However, Meixner has chosen to focus on the less obvious elements and themes of these movies, many being borrowed from behind the scenes or the subtle undertones and hidden meanings within the films, though there are certainly moments when you don't have to be as well versed in their subculture to pick up on their influence.
Beneath that comes and goes, among other things, some very fitting Native American samples.
The entire album has a rather seamless flow and is a good, solid listen from start to finish.

Tracklist :
1 Something To Do With Death 9:12
2 Gunslingers, Priests & Pimps 3:35
3 Once Upon A Time, The Revolution 5:05
4 Too Much Gold Is Bad For Your Health 6:08
5 I Am Your Pallbearer 4:37
6 Boot Hill 7:42

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