2xCD Digipack (tourette 036) - TOURETTE

Collects together 32 rare, unavailable or unreleased Naevus tracks across a double CD compilation.
All otherwise unavailable Naevus songs issued as singles, B-sides and compilation tracks in the period 2001-2012 are included, as well as three previously unreleased acoustic versions and three exclusive brand new songs.
Packeged in a 6-panel digipak with accompanying 8-page booklet.

Disc 1:
1. The Body Speaks in Tongues
2. Sail Away
3. Knee Deep
4. Torn Wheat Leaked
5. Occasional Table
6. The Devil
7. The Petty Task
8. Recovery is not Permitted
9. Blimey, it's Bedtime
10. Ramar House
11. Suitable Simon
12. Events
13. Sunshine
14. Larvicide
15. The Beast
16. Stations

Disc 2:
1. The Mill (live)
2. While You Sleep (demo)
3. The Orchard (re-recorded)
4. Mistakes (live)
5. Visions, Rushed (radio session)
6. Oracle, Oracle (radio session)
7. Untold (radio session)
8. The Body Speaks in Tongues (radio session)
9. No, Remember (radio session)
10. Don't Boil (version one)
11. Kill Your Friends (demo)
12. Chairs are Men (acoustic version)
13. Clay Hats (acoustic version)
14. Frozen! (re-recorded)
15. Go Grow (single version)
16. Soil and Soil Alike (re-recorded)

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