Storm of Radiance

KINIT HER [Burial Hex]


Limited Edition 100 copies

Some might suspect that, after surrendering their most perfect intentions to the accomplishment of Wreathes, Nathaniel Ritter and Troy Schafer would be out of steam for anything more as their preceding guise of Kinit Her.
However, this album is an indicator of quite the opposite, as if meditating on the peaks of Wreathes somehow gave them the perspective and inspiration they needed to further flesh out and fully realize the potential of Kinit Her.
Full of tears, frights, goosebumps, shudders and trances, within Storm of Radiance the theater of Kinit Her unfolds around you in all directions.
This is easily one of the most intricate and imaginative progressive folk albums to come out in the last thirty years.
Join in as Kinit Her usher you through their ever-changing motifs of organic expression, bearing avalanches of anthemic strings, ceremonial drums and percussions, elliptical mantras derived from the cosmic writings of Klages and Schuler, living atmospheres radiating natural youth and brilliance.
Everything about this album sounds simultaneously composed and spontaneous, both bare and eccentric, just perfectly raw.
Considering their already lenghty discography as Kinit Her, their majestic opening gestures as the newly initiated Wreathes, and the fact that these two have also been involved with a slew of other projects over the last couple of years, (including Burial Hex, Rain Drinkers, Compass Hour, Circulation of Light, Devotion, Wormsblood, Spiral Joy Band, and The Second Family Band) the achievements of Storm of Radiance seem nothing less than miraculous.

In few words: best US neofolk.
Limited edition of 100 copies.

1 Mosaic Of The Hyacinths I
2 The Storm Of Radiance
3 His Traces In Us
4 Earth's Own Air (Nightingale)
5 Sanctity Without Fortune
6 As We Were
7 Sky's Not Dead
8 On This Plane
9 (Song Of) Our Wrongs
10 The Candle's Flicker
11 Lamp Of The World
12 Mosaic Of The Hyacinths II

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