6x12" Box (VOD 1B) - VINYL ON DEMAND

Limited Edition 250 copies

Rare Box released in 2004.
Limited edition of 250 copies - We sell copy #068 (copy owned by Rodolfo Protti)

Doris actually loves everyone.
She was, so to speak, at a humanistic grammar school, where of course she also had music lessons.
She likes music very much, like everything else.
It doesn't matter whether she masters no instrument at all or all of them; she thinks it's great when people make music. Actually everyone should make a little music.
Doris does not see herself directly as a musician; she would see that as a limitation in itself.
Fortunately there are so many who do the music making for them.
Doris loves to sing, her favorite instruments are sirens.

The Toedliche Doris existed from 1980 to 1987.
During its existence she asked herself the question:
Can you do something with sound and noise that is not music?
As a result, she created numerous musical, non-musical works.
Doris constructed the world's first invisible vinyl LP, which was only possible to be listened through the simultaneous interaction of more LPs.
Doris also released on his own label the first record made using bats ultrasonic echo recordings.
A continuous sxtravaganzqa experiment...

§ Der Siebenköpfige Informator
A1 Der Siebenköpfige Informator (- Vor Dem Krieg) 3:06
A2 Nahrung Für Den Hungernden Informator 2:20
B1 Wir Halten Kritisch Unsere Eindrücke Fest 5:27
§ Das Typische Ding
C1 Die Schuldstruktur 3:57
C2 Kavaliere 1:36
C3 Stümmel Mir 4:00
D1 Ein Schwarzes Kleid Und Ein Ei 3:07
D2 Der Tod Ist Ein Skandal 3:12
D3 Du Armes Ding 3:03
§ Die Über-Doris
E1 Die Über-Doris
F1 The Super-Doris
§ Tabea Und Doris Dürfen Doch Wohl Noch Apache Tanzen
G1 Futuristenparty 4:29
G2 Fleischration  0:35
H1 Privatparty 3:11
H2 Apachentanz 1:56
§ Live SO 36 Berlin - 19.11.1982
I1 Stümmel 3:30
I2 Der Tod Ist Ein Skandal (Kavaliere) 6:35
I3 Über-Mutti 2:15
J1 Rhythmus Im Blut 6:12
J2 7 Tödliche Unfälle Im Haushalt 4:23
§ Chöre Und Soli - Live Im Delphi-Palast Sylvester 83/84
K1 You See We Come As Friends
K2 Mädchenherzen
K3 Die Luft
K4 Die Sonne
K5 2 Witwen
K6 Graue Augen
L1 Denk An Mich
L2 Rosette
L3 Kühn, Tapfer, Mutig, Rebellisch
L4 Kavaliere
L5 Holda's Heiße Tränen
L6 Maria ...

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