Symphony Of Dying


CD Digipak (146th Cycle) - CYCLIC LAW

This unique collaboration between Sádon (Russia) & Treha Sektori (France) was intended to transpire what could be termed as “the essence of death”.
Death is common and a constant, yet always different in context but similar in outcome.
It is always a mystery, and questions always abound from it’s unraveling.
As darkness unfolds, the desperate soul searches for a resting place as hopes and silent prayers resonate across all lands. Recorded in Russia, Germany and France in 2017, we’re honoured to present this poignant and otherworldly album that touches deep within and again reaffirms the high compositional skills of these 2 artists.
Long live death.
Artwork by Dehn Sora.

1  Shadow 4:33
2  Elimination 5:55
3  Wolfs Day 4:43
4  Spear Over Our Heads 4:46
5  Aegeus 6:12

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