Ouvrez Vos Auditifs Canaux (Re-edition)

T.A.C. [Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata]


Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata began as a one-man-band hiding the multi-instrumentist and sound engineer Simon Balestrazzi.
On his second album T.A.C. has grown to a six headed band, dealing wtih diverse styles such as no-wave, electronic experimentation, progressive rock, radical improvisation and post-punk, deconstructed pieces with everchanging rhythms and maters.
Then came the period of electronic incursions of polluted radio frequencies and background buzzes, which gave the music an eerie, dismantled feeling.
Ouvrez Vos Auditifs Canaux was released on vinyl by Azteco Records (AZTECO A-002) in 1985 and was re-released in 1995 in CD format by Discordia with some extra tracks from various compilations.
Finally this long time sold out album is available again!
Those are great / historical Italian industrial sounds.

Tracklist :
1 Meritocrazia
2 Uno
3 Fallout
4 Testimoni Oculari
5 Saturnismo
6 F* Martinez De Pasqually (R+C)
7 La Nascita Dei Desideri Liquidi
8 Andreas Baader Requiem
9 Due
10 Altri Testimoni
11 Piombo E Uranio

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