Tantric Noise



For nearly two decades, Finnish multi-instrumentalist Ilkka Vekka has been releasing his unique brand of psychedelic noise under the alias Haare, amassing a stunning body of work through the years.
While much of his earlier material was characterized by sounds that were often cacophonous, chaotic, and sharp, a suite of recent recordings ) shows increased precision and a fully developed and expansive style. On "Tantric Noise," Vekka steers Haare into ritualistic and ambient territory. Subtly utilized synths and guitars stretch across the dark, windswept atmosphere.
An inscrutable array of delicate and organic sounds rise and recede in the cavernous soundscape.
Variegated and transcendent, the album shifts imperceptibly from tranquil and meditative to haunting and ominous in a curious commingling of malefic and benign energies.
Tantric Noise features some of Vekka’s finest work and is a monumental addition to the Haare catalog.

A1 The Black Egg
A2 Phobos
B1 Spirits
B2 Dead Planet
B3 Tantric Noise

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