The End Of It All


CD Digipack (86th Cycle) - CYCLIC LAW

On their third release for Cyclic Law, BSE have created an aural mirror image of underlying substructures hidden amongst the ordinary.
Using their trademark sounds of lush ominous melodies and insightful theories, extinct arrangements of life mechanics unfold to reveal The End Of It All.

1 Two Ways To Dwell 5:18
2 Back Into Place 3:52
3 Thinking Time 3:19
4 The Arc Of Desolation 7:15
5 Ten Times The Effect 6:36
6 Ends And Histories 8:28
7 Properties Of Stars 4:32
8 Daunting Decisions 4:38
9 The Unfolding 4:32
10 Time Travels 6:06
11 The End Of It All 6:35

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