The Flat Polish Holes - Mystery Of The Black Box [Шесть Мёртвых Болгар - "Ровные Польские Дыры - Тайна Чёрного Ящика]


CD Jewel-Box (SHUM103) - COD NOIZES

Available in february 2020

Reissue of a classic cassette by those legends of Russian underground.
"The Flat Polish Holes: Mystery Of The Black Box" is one of the darkest works of Bulgarians, imbued with some absolutely transcendental dark melancholy and suicidal drive.
"Mystery Of The Black Box" as the key to the door of Death, where each will find his own personal hell.
The avant-garde lo-fi songs "Lullaby" and "Eesona", bordering the kitsch, is replaced by volumetric ritual ambient canvases, as if illustrating the contrast of The Being where rotting corpses on Golden Thrones are mixed with homeless, which steals cat canned food on the background of white smiles of pop stars.
Especially distinguished is the track "New Boots" (the absurdity of names is a firm feature of Bulgarians, however, emphasizing their relationship with the Russian literary avant-garde of the Silver Age), which creates a landscape of certain prenatal State where all is equal: the absolute knowledge, and the absolute fear, and the inhuman peace.
As for the "Allergy" track - it can be called one of the first Post-Soviet experience in the "death industrial" genre.

1 Знания Под Секретом / Knowledge Under The Secret 10:46
2 Луллабу / Lullaby 04:31
3 Новые Сапоги / New Boots 13:00
4 Еесона (Эстонская Подлость) / Eesona (Estonian Meanness) 07:14
5 Аллергия / Allergy 06:27
6 Угол Атаки Уменьшить / To Decrease The Angle Of Attack 03:05
7 Трансвагинальный Экспресс № 17 / Transvaginal Express №17 06:15
8 Без Названия / Untitled 00:41

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