The Freaks - No Violence Over The Individual [Уроды: Никакого Насилия Над Психикой]


CD Jewel-Box (SHUM102) - COD NOIZES

Available in February 2020

Reissue of a classic cassette albums of those Russian legends of underground, one of the founders of Post-Soviet industrial.
"The Freaks: No Violence Over The Individual" reveals already in the title of the album the branded "Bulgarian" irony, with which the authors set off a painful traumatic sound, designed to open the psychic shell, like an old furuncle.
The sound became tougher, more aggressive and darker.
And the postmodern game with ridiculous names of compositions, like "Agrarian Question", "It Was A Man Of Years Of Fifty", etc. only "knocks" the listener out of the way, breaking the usual boundaries of perception, since in this album appear a serious approach to sound, appeal to ritual elements and psyambient with the dominance of metal percussion.
As the closest analogue can be called the early work of Zoviet France and Nurse With Wound.

Часть 1
1 Это Был Мужчина Лет Пятидесяти / It Was A Man Of The Years Of Fifty 05:20
2 Сон Приходит На Порог / Sleep Comes On The Threshold 03:26
3 14-10-18! ** 08:56
4 Уничтожим Всех Уродов (Кулинарные Рецепты Семьи Чикатило) / Destroy All Freaks (Culinary Recipes Of The Chikatilo Family) 01:55
5 Охота На Леонида Ильича (Партийная Легенда) / Hunting On Leonid Ilyich (Party Legend) 09:20
Часть 2
6 Аграрный Вопрос / Agrarian Question 05:32
7 Лигейя / Ligeia 04:32
8 В Тисках Инквизиции / In The Vise Of Inquisition 08:08
9 Водору Шрам / Skaerf Hcram 01:28
10 Индустриализация (Пять Частей) / Industrialization (In Five Acts) : Индус, III. Али, За, Ция. 06:58

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