The Melancholy Mad Tenant


CD Digipack + Music Cassette + T-Shirt in Wooden Box (IF-55) - INFINITE FOG

Limited Edition 36 copies

In 1984 VORTEX CAMPAIGN invited COIL and THE NEW BLOCKADERS to collaborate.
The result, which was unofficially referred to as Dolbied, was released privately on cassette in an edition of 50.
The release has since gone on to become legendary, showcasing two of the most influential groups in the scene at the early stages of their development.
The Melancholy Mad Tenant is an authorized release, sanctioned by all three groups.
The tracks have been professionally re-mastered and in addition to the COIL/THE NEW BLOCKADERS/VORTEX CAMPAIGN collaboration it also contains the entire VC archive, including two previously unreleased tracks.

This wooden box edition is hand-numbered and strictly limited to 100 copies only.
§ CD Digipack
§ Music Cassette in slip-cover
§ 3x magnets
§ 2x Post-Cards Inserts
§ T-Shirt
§ Wooden Box with engreaved title

Only one copy on stock - T-Shirt size < L >

'Historically potent reissue of some early, brutally primitive collaborations. Coil are in their early Zos Kia/Coil crossover mode generating some wild spectral energy via looped vocal trance and spooked, auroral tones while TNB generate huge boulders of cracked fuzz. The Vortex Campaign solo tracks are great examples of Equinox-era Punk-primitive electronic ritual and the whole package makes for a trip back to a wildly accelerated underground activity.' ***Volcanic Tongue

'Both Coil and TNB began in the early '80s and have become major players in their specific musical territories. The two collaborations are familiar terrain for TNB but certainly shine new light on the formative years of Coil, as this is very different to their Scatology LP released the same year. It's nice to hear them from a different and slightly unexpected perspective.'

CD-1     Untitled Collaboration     14:44
CD-2     Untitled Collaboration     29:01
CD-3     Untitled     5:23
CD-4     The Melancholy Mad Tenant Part 1     7:47
CD-5     The Melancholy Mad Tenant Part 2     6:05

MC-A1     Untitled Collaboration   
MC-A2     Untitled Collaboration   
MC-B1     Untitled   
MC-B2     The Melancholy Mad Tenant Part 1   
MC-B3     The Melancholy Mad Tenant Part 2

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