The Mirror Reversed II


CD Digifile (77th Cycle) - CYCLIC LAW

The spectral second and final installment of Funerary Call’s “The Mirror Reversed” tumbles deeper through the Setian tunnels, leading the way to the vast and mysterious Other Side.
Continuing from where his initial movement left us, Harlow MacFarlane once again summons the tones and auras of his Qliphothic interpretation. It is a serpentine force extending from a churning black vortex lined with crystalline fetters.
A dark and textured voyage through the shards of the shattered black surface that once reflected the illusory.
The 46-minute meditation ebbs and flows through ambient pulsations of fear, awakening, and the unknowable.
Each segmented chapter is a dynamic representation of the individual demonic forces at work, bringing us closer to the roiling waters of formlessness.
The forbidden freedom of the Other Side awaits.
Deep and Dark Ambient....

1 The Mirror Reversed II 46:02

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