The Old City (OST)



This 15 track soundtrack by Atrium Carceri was composed for the Narrative Philosophical game The Old City.
Soothing string like atmospheres, distorted drones and brooding atmospheres carry the listeners throughout the album.
NB: This is just the soundtrack, not the game!

Game reviews:
"There is a very melancholic feel to The Old City: Leviathan that brings peace to any willing gamer that plays it.
It has this juxtaposing visual that combines ocular beauty, ordinary settings and fantastical fantasy realms that play with the character’s emotions without saying a word."
4/5 We got this Covered.

"The Old City's masterful use of visual elements succeed in making the player guess if what they're seeing is reality or ultimately a dream.
The game's sound is also an important part of the equation with haunting musical tracks that perfectly pair with the game's various environments."
8.8/10 Gaming Nexues

1.. Intro / Menu 2:08
2. Leviathan 10:32
3. Underground 1:57
4. Childhood I 5:00
5. Endless Halls 2:24
6. Worship 7:16
7. Breathe 2:05
8. Old Tunnels 5:08
9. Journey Home 4:21
10. Jerusalem I 3:05
11. Childhood II 4:54
12. Dark End 2:54
13. Them 10:32
14. Sheol 2:04
15. The Leap 3:27

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