The Ritual of the Rave


2xCD Digipak (ZOHAR 151-2) - ZOHARUM

Re-edition of “The Ritual of the Rave”.
An expanded version of the 1995 album.
It has not lost its freshness in those years, great electronica with strong ambient and ethnic music influences locked in six long, slowly developing compositions.
Rhythmic elements directly taken from techno “Icarus” or “Sjamanistic Dream” are still classics in the Hybryds catalogue.
This is also one of the expanded editions of their classic albums.
The second disc shows what Hybryds was like at concerts during the period when the recordings were made (live tracks compose the first five tracks recorded in 1995).
In addition, we have three studio compositions here, the first one belongs to the collaborative Hydra project, whose only official recording appeared on the compilation “The Uncertain Future” on Antler.
The other two are the early recordings from 1988 by Magthea with Mark Burghgreave of KLINIK.
One of them, “Octahedron”, appeared on the absolutely first single of the project.
The album has been digitally remastered from the original master tapes by none else but Sandy Nys, who also provided the cover based on the previous editions.

§ The Ritual Of The Rave
1-1 Red Lebanon 6:38
1-2 Sjamanistic Dream (Ravemix) 12:41
1-3 Icarus 12:59
1-4 The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive (Part 3) 12:07
1-5 Prometheus' Quest For Fire 14:22
1-6 Sjamanistic Dream (Computermix) 8:48
1-7 Untitled 6:38

§ Live Recordings + Unreleased and Compilation Tracks
2-1 Sign Of The Bull 10:53
2-2 Love Is The Law 7:48
2-3 Icarus 17:34
2-4 Zoo Intro 4:46
2-5 Call Of The Tuareg 13:18
2-6 Hydra - Joy Of The World 6:03
2-7 Come Together 7:05
2-8 Octahedron (7 Inch Version) 4:36

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