The Snow Bunker Tapes


Music Cassette (SKM 036) - STEELWORK MACHINE

Limited Edition 200 copies

Tape version of this cult DIJ album.
First edition of 200 copies on Black Tape.

A1  Murder Made History 5:06
A2  Fire Feast 4:39
A3  Peaceful Snow 3:26
A4  Life Under Siege 4:53
A5  A Nausea 4:12
A6  Wolf Rose 4:56

B1  The Scents Of Genocide 4:01
B2  Red Odin Day 3:34
B3  My Company Of Corpses 4:13
B4  Cemetery Cove 5:13
B5  Our Ghosts Gather 4:17
B6  Neutralize Decay 3:27
B7  The Maverick Chamber 4:16

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