CD Jewel Box (None) - TRIUMVIRATE

Reminiscent of Psychic TV’s Dreams Less Sweet, the second album from the Sword Volcano Complex is a pleasantly chaotic mish-mash of noise, ambience, and found sound with a few catchy dance numbers thrown in for the sake of confusion.
Phosphorescent is for sure a collection of fascinating sketches, featuring as guest musicians among others : Karl Blake, Val Denham, John Murphy ...

1 Honeybees Arrive
2 The Better Angels Of Our Nature
3 Phosphorescent
4 Prepare For Landing
5 Knocking On Heaven's Door
6 Sending The Fetch
7 Falling Cat
8 The Other Side Of The World
9 Fire!
10 Spindogspin
11 Hercules 2
12 The Neon Man
13 Bedtime Stories
14 Tiger's Milk
15 Hypnotized (Live)
16 Under The Paw

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