Theriomorphic Spirits



Wharehouse founds / Rare old album

TeHÔM used to be a Croatian project active in the middle of the 90's.
Their first 2 albums were released on Twilight Command, side label of Douglas P's NER label.
TeHÔM's founding member Sinisa Ocurscak unfortunately passed away in 1997, victim of a probable war related cancer.
Three years after his passing their 2nd album "Theriomorphic Spirits' was finally released.
A surreal, cinematic but most of all very obscure sounding album.

1  Jaldabaoth 16:27
2  Aberth 10:27
3  The Eight Sky 7:28
4  The Shadow Integration 10:05
5  Tardema 10:33
6  Hybris 14:40

This is rare!
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