2xCDr in large hand-made package (FM09) - FIGHT MUZIK

Limited Edition 54 copies

Obscure project from Russia.
A very unique and obscure release.
Recording was made in Altai, in the valley of Belukha Mountain, at the western entrance to Shambhala by the Great Shaman of Altai Kagan Hun and his disciples.
This is a living pagan ritual, performed in a magical place.
The Great Shaman uses throat singing to pronounce magic formulas, speaks the language of animals and birds.
His students create various noises, use keyboard instruments and various sound effects

1-1 Ritual 1 8:50
1-2 Ritual 2 10:44
1-3 Ritual 3 10:08
1-4 Ritual 4 11:54
1-5 Ritual 5 5:20
1-6 Ritual 6 2:52
1-7 Ritual 7 10:07
1-8 Ritual 8 14:09

2-1 Untitled 74:27

This is rare!
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