Tornar O Sangue Sagrado


CD in Handmade Leather folder (Cyn 014 CD) - CYNFEIRDD

Limited Edition 81 copies

Wolfskin is a Ritual, Dark-Ambient project from Portugal.
The aim of Wolfskin is to reach some kind of archaic consciousness, through explorations in ancient magic.
Organic flows of sound and acoustic instrumentation and manipulated sounds (usually of non-musical origin) makes Wolfskin music a dark voyage through the "hidden fortress" of our mind.

This is a very special and rare edition in few numbered copies with a completely hand-made leather cover.

1. Blazen Signs Awakening     3:51
2. Igueons Spirals Of Fertihty     9:08
3. Tornar O Sangue Sagrado     11:21
4. Hunting Of Grinning Horses     10:39
5. Devouting The Sun     5:11
6. Fenrirs Solstice     3:52
7. Blood, Purify Time     4:28
8. Despojos Do Sol-Posto     9:32

This is rare!
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