Transgressing Ecstasy


2xCD Digipak (None) - PHOSGEN RECORDS

Limited Edition 100 copies

Cut off their tongues as they lie.
Burn their bodies as they deserve it.
Remember my words as they are your weapon.
Worship the blood seeping away in the fields of ain.
For his beauty is eternal.

Uncompromising P/E Industrial!
Co-Release with Black Bunker Production.

1-01 My Words Are Poison (Dedication)
1-02 Down There (Love)
1-03 Flowers And Knives (Bestiality)
1-04 Transformation Part II (Loosing Identity)
1-05 My Call (Intolerance)
2-01 His Face (Truth)
2-02 Your Beauty, Your Mahesty (Eternity)
2-03 Drowned Innocence (Sacrifice)
2-04 Knife Pleasure (Propaganda)
2-05 Werwolf War (Tactical Terror)
2-06 Fever (Presence)
2-07 Spiritual Intoxication (Decadence)

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