Trowo Phurnag Ceremony


CD Jewel Box (SKMR-060) - SKETIS MUSIC

Album dated 2010 but never well distributed...
Therefore this can be considered as a new PHURPA album and an essential moment in their discography.

PHURPA’s "Trowo Phurnag Ceremony" is a collection of sparse, meditative, mostly-unaccompanied plainchants billed as “sacred music in the Bön tradition” that is, the ancient, indigenous, pre-Buddhist culture of Tibet.
Pure, spiritual, back-to-the-soil beauty, the variety you can only find when exploring an alien, forgotten culture that, according to its adherents, is 18,000 years old.

1 Fundamental Mantra Of Bon 7:24
2 Introduction 3:18
3 The Visualization 3:43
4 Conferring Empowerment And Self-transformation 32:37
5 Emanating The Retinue Of The Deity 5:05
6 The Charge To Action 4:34
7 Puja Offering And Praises 7:24

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