A Day of Warm Rain in Heaven


CD Digipack (EQM 006) - EQUILIBRIUM

Inspired by Coleridge's Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, this solo work by Ataraxia's guitarist, displays both trademark elements of his main band and a rich myriad of influences and sounds new to his composition.
Featuring Francesca Nicoli, lead singer of Ataraxia, on vocals.
From classic to timeless ballads, from industrial to ethereal ...

1 Farewell Farewell, Thou Wedding-Guest (4:59)
2 Beneath The Lighting And The Moon (2:38)
3 My Heart As Dry As Dust (5:02)
4 The Ocean Green (5:48)
5 A Sadder And A Wiser Man (5:30)
6 The Bay Is White In Silent Light (4:22)
7 The Curse In A Dead Man's Eye (2:08)
8 A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven (4:58)
9 Whispers O'er The Sea (2:10)
10 The Death-Fire Danced At Night (1:57)
11 I Killed The Albatross (6:10)
12 For The Sky And The Sea And The Sea And The Sky! (4:44)
13 The Moment I Could Pray (2:27)
14 Singeth A Quiet Tune (4:57)
15 Sails In The Sun (2:41)

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