Musique de L'ndifférence



'Vomir is one of the most respected, influentially unflichingly brutal noise acts to appear in recent years.
Since 2006 the project has released a steady flow of battering, unmoving and crude walled noise, which has helped define and inspire the steadily growing worldwide HNW scene.
The black bag wearing Frenchman has released nearing a hundred releases ...
Through-out the project's existence, it has stayed unwaveringly brutal, unmoving and unrelenting in it's sonic attack.
And this new release on UK based Peripheral Records is no different.
This new work is entitled, 'Musique de l'indifférence' (in English, 'Music of Indifference), and it comes in the form of an LP + CD set.
The vinyl + CD features one long continuous track - with the first side of the LP being at 33rpm, then the CD, then the second side of the LP being at 45rpm, so that the listener can either play one or the other, or all three (if you have two copies) together to create the ultimate HNW submersion.
The release features surprisingly bright / garish, yet brutal artwork by Strom_Varx, who created the artwork for 'Proanomie' - one of Vomir's more known readily available releases.

Tracklist :
A 33T.part1
B cd.part.2
C 45T.part.3

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