Vozes Na Neblina


Mini CD in Carton Sleeve (EQM029) - EQUILIBRIUM

Limited Edition 300 copies

On this EP Urze de Lume take a more quiet stance to their Dark Folk, in contemplation of the beauty of Fall.
Two instrumental tracks, as well as two preludes narrated by their friends and brothers-in-arms Àrnica.
Urze de Lume represent a homage to the past.
Inspired by Iberian traditions, their music aims to celebrate the roots which identify a people and bind them to their land.

Founded in 2009, the band has recently become the Portuguese flagship for a new wave of like-minded projects currently spreading across Europe, who have embraced ancient ways and spirituality as both a starting point and a beacon for their incursions into Folk music.
Iberian ethnic instruments such as bagpipes, war drums, horns and various ancient stringed instruments provide the roots that burrow deep into the rich Lusitanian soil to nourish Urze de Lume's powerful and unique sound, whose belligerent tone ignites the audiences at the band's live performances.
"Vozes na Neblina", however, finds Urze de Lume taking a more quiet stance, in contemplation of the beauty of Fall. Its faded colours and a moist morning mist bring forth the memory of a transient moment, when the warmth of the Sun retires to give way to pitchblack night-time.
Just before soft percussion, along with the gentle shimmer of stringed instrumentation or the mesmerizing hum of a distant horn, take hold, Urze de Lume stir the embers of the crackling fireplace which welcomes us back to the comfort of our own inner sanctum. The time has come to cherish Autumn's melancholy farewell, as we recall all other departures that we came to face throughout our lives.

Semi-transparent CD disc housed in silver-printed black carton stock.

1 Vozes Na Neblina I 1:20
2 Quando As Nuvens Escurecem 5:42
3 Vozes Na Neblina II 1:08
4 Outono Eterno 4:40

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