Copal Flow [special edition]

WAKINYAN [Terroritmo]


Limited Edition 54 copies

In November 2011, after 20 years, TERRORITMO became “WAKINYAN”.
Since the very beginning, in 1991, this Italian collective has explored unconventional music, using any kind of instruments, objects and tools to create its distinctive sound, with roots in industrial music and musique brut.
Metal pipes and springs, glasses, Tibetan bowls, gongs, metal sheets, oil bins, knives, custom drums, rattles create hypnotic rhythms or powerful crescendos, while subtle drones made of processed voices, harmonics and noises fill up the atmosphere.
Chants inflate Life in these layers of primal cadences.
The industrial meets the organic.
Fire and darkness.
Wakinyan’s act is a modern ritual.
What’s below and what’s above get connected.
The emotional and the spiritual, the individual and the shared, they all melt into each other. Sounds perceived physically, almost unconsciously, take the listener into a mysterious place, the unknown, the hidden.
Out of space and time.
Like the strong scent of copal brings ancient memories and visions, each track here depicts a scenery and involves the listener directly, totally.
Introduced by the obscure night of "Notturno", like in a wood, crowded with spirits and animals, you're guided through 9 gates, each one opening on a different space and time.
As if the purpose was to awake the slumbering ancestral memory of man, this record is fundamentally based on the dualism of elements strictly relating to the human being: "voice" and "iron".
Whispers and screams, heartbeats and metal clashes, pulsing rhythms and voodoo drumming, ancient chants of the earth.
Anything takes place all around you... and inside you.

We offer the special edition including:
§ Red vinyl
§ DVDr
§ dowload code
§ hand-numbered insert

A1: Notturno
A2: Wakinyan
A3: Uzume
A4: Primavera

B1: Leere Zeit
B2: In A Circle
B3: Madre
B4: Red Room
B5: Kharb

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