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CD Digipack (Eis 038) - EIS & LICHT

All the material on this CD is a great selection from the following Tapes:
"Reflection of Joy" (1986)
"Behind the Mists" (1988)
"Falling in Love" (1990)
All tracks was completly remastered and reworked.
You listen here to the beginning days of the Apocalyptic Folk Music.
In this time, there were big influences from Punk and Wave and all the people were dressed in nice uniforms.
If you like the early albums of DIJ, 6 COMM, SOL INVICTUS, JOY OF LIFE and NEW ORDER as well you will love this music ...

01 Reflection Of Joy
02 Shadow Over Shade
03 Curse The Crown Of Thorns
04 The Isle Of Glass
05 Angel
06 A Gentle Death
07 Kill
08 Solitary
08 The Little Death
09 The Axle
10 In The Wind

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