Your Truth



After two release on the UK-base Label Unrestproductions, Detrimental Effect joins Tesco for their 1st CD release.
Fresh Analog power electronic sounds that create an old school industrial feeling.
You search for answers in your quest for guidance, for resque.
But who deals in certainties these days ? Who will preach to you, tell you what to think ? Who will build bridges and who will burn them ? Do you know where you stand ?
Which side you are on ? What choices you will make ? Trust has become a rarity, truth a matter of belief.
Maybe we need a war again to blast away the rubble that is blocking our advance.
To clear the path ahead.
Can you say that your truth îs your own ?

A Righteous Conflict
Politics Of Eternity
Your Truth
Gloves Are Off
The Lie Of The Lands
No Friends Of Democracy

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