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Originally released on vinyl back in 1990 in a private edition of only 100 copies, this split-album with Japanese Yuzuru Syogase and Canadian Kaiser Nietzsche has been made available in a limited CD version of 500 copies by German experimental label extraordinaire Artware (RIP).
Like most of the artists featured on this label, Syogase and Nietzsche's music is original and challenging, and above all else not easily categorized or described.

Both artists operate with rhythmically arranged soundscapes of a very dense and saturated character.
The pieces are not rhythmic in a percussional sense, percussion is almost completely absent on the CD.
Rather, they are rhythmic or cyclical in the sense that they are organized in pulsating waves that continually wash over the listener with great power and intensity.
The really fascinating things about Syogase and Nietzsche's work is how differently they incorporate noise into their compositions.
Old album dated 1994 to be re-discovered.

Yuzuru Syogase - Bichanco 11:41
Yuzuru Syogase - Divizadero I 4:34
Yuzuru Syogase - Divizadero III 2:30
Kaiser Nietzsche - Negative Space 11:34
Kaiser Nietzsche - Ceteris Paribus 10:04

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