Star Autopsy

ZOAT·AON [Zoät·Aon]

CD Folder (AH 04) - AURAL HYPNOX

Zoat Aon's STAR AUTOPSY is the fourth Aural Hypnox release.
Nine dark ambient tracks which slowly form a disturbing ambience full of mysterious noises and occult references.
Hisses, hums, cymbals, metal percussions, synth drones and reverbered sounds.

No explanations about themes treated on album, everything is left to the subconscious hints that this music could make you have.
This is the distinctive sign of that finnish label: releases based on occult ritual themes.
Those sounds brings you into explorations of unknown consciouusness areas.
Those are releases that can't be simply enjoyed as musical releases, be aware of this!

CD comes in a special cardborad folder with silver silkscreened art-work.

1 Totem Owl 4:25
2 Tellus Sinks 3:04
3 Infra-Saturn 1:17
4 Exo 7:01
5 Flesh Treasury 9:29
6 Dark Grammar 7:10
7 Possessed Constellation 9:39
8 Theriomorphic Heralds 12:30
9 Skeletal Sphinx 11:40

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