LEGION (Andrew Lagowski / S.E.T.I. / Lustmord)

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LEGION used to be the primal project by Andrew Lagoski.
Andrew Lagowski has been recording electronic music since 1982, previous to that he was a drummer emulating the machine-styles of Steve Morris (Joy Division/New Order) and John Maher (Buzzcocks).
He has worked on many projects including S.E.T.I., Terror Against Terror, Isolrubin B.K. and Lustmord.
His fourth album "Zodiac" is named after (but not dedicated to) the infamous Zodiac killer who terrorised the San Francisco area in the 1960′s & 70’s.
Legion’s concept for the album was to investigate how deep the human capacity for evil and self-deception could stretch.
The answers may lie within the tracks on the album.
Having been subjected to repeated listenings during the mixing of the album, Legion can confirm that listeners with weak mental capacity should definitely not be auditioning this at parties.

1 Hell & Damnation 12:39
2 The Caravan 6:03
3 Four Fourty Four 14:32
4 Martyrs 7:20
5 Ion 12:24

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