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CD Jewel Box (act98) - ANT-ZEN

A collection of electronic minimalism, pure-tone synthesis and computer-generated sound.
This music explores the inner-workings of sound and synthesis and often involves the use of ultra-modern synthesis techniques, in this case, sampling and sound generators.
This is experimental post-techno, an up-and-coming genre of sound, and it is intended for the listener who can appreciate its bold sense of exploration, as well as the surreal beauty of the world it evokes. it's the fragile line between dark and light, between noise and silence, between infinity and nonentity.
Complex digital sound-samples are immaculately re-constructed to feature a subtle interference of sub-tone minimalism.
Pushing the envelope while keeping full control and animate the auditory senses.

89% of all samples are taken from various ant-zen releases.
Sampled, de- and reconstructed by panacea.

id. amount of samples. time     60:55
1     one.87.00:02:43,74     2:46
2     two.176.00:01:58,58     2:01
3     three.211.00:02:50,18     2:53
4     four.239.00:03:05,09     3:08
5     five.133.00:04:38,63     4:41
6     six.102.00:04:07,04     4:10
7     seven.39.00:06:49,22     6:52
8     eight.25.00:07:16,46     7:19
9     nine.398.00:02:36,43     2:39
10     ten.76.00:03:46,16     3:49
11     eleven.14.00:04:32,17     4:35
12     twelve.80.00:03:32,51     3:35
13     thirteen.90.00:03:40,21     3:43
14-98     (silent tracks)     5:42
99     ninetynine.40.00:02:56,31     2:56

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