CD Digifile (DV74) - DARK VINYL

Hunting Lodge 1982 – 1989 represents the “song oriented” side of a band that evolved relentlessly throughout its 8 years of existence.
Incl. the remastered / restored version of the legendary underground club hit: “Tribal Warning Shot”

Lon C. Diehl & Richard Skott met in Port Huron, Michigan, a “rust belt” town bordering Canada, in 1981, and quickly bonded over their fascination with the music of T.G., SPK, M.B., and Dome.
The duo, having previously been involved in separate musical projects, decided to join forces and Hunting Lodge was born.
Joined by Karl Nordstrom, the trio mixed synthesizers, bass, metal & electronic percussion, time-shifting effects, and vocals into a dark sonic stew.
“Tribal Drums” and primitive digital sampling units soon entered the picture and created the particluar industrial/experimental sound for which they was known.

1. Tribal Warning Shot (Studio)
2. Exhumed Era Outtake
3. 8-Ball
4. The Wolf Hour
5. Night From Night
6. Pressure Press
7. Rhythm Cage
8. Rip You To Shreds
9. Dark Night Of The Sou
10. Carnivora!
11. Atum
12. May This Meat Kill Me
13. Tribal Warning Shot (Live in Chicago)
14. Banishing Dirge

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