Demonstro: 1982 - 85



Another twenty tracks of primordial goodness from Coventry's Attrition.
Martin Bowes gives up some his most remarkable darlings with the release of this new collection from the band's earliest days.
A word of warning, dear listeners, these are the rough outtakes and alternate takes which never saw the light of day and which Bowes lugged around all these many years in boxes on slowly decaying cassettes.

The desperate intensity which these pieces give off burns like a fluorescent bulb stripped of it's insulation.
Naked, savage and crudely abrasive, this era of Attrition was certainly the most unpredictable.
You never know where these compositions are going to wind up, most are extremely minimal.
A couple synth lines, some jarring percussion and over the top Martin bellows while Julia rasps and wails.
The pacing is manic, the production definitely shoe-string, which only expands the raw power this album displays with glee.

Did they get it as bad as Suicide?
A lot of what's on here has that same kind of anarchic core to it which Rev and Vega pioneered in the early 70s. Attrition took it in a different direction, however, adding a few more layers of effects and contrasting vocal styles.

1     Interference    
2     Monkey In A Bin    
3     Shrinkwrap    
4     Black Death    
5     The Mistake    
6     Devoid    
7     The Visitor    
8     Mutation    
9     Dilemma    
10     Twisted    
11     Fear    
12     Commandment - Live    
13     Head Culture Rally    
14     Oblivion    
15     Pendulum Turns    
16     Vision    
17     Retrograde    
18     In The Attic    
19     First Onslaught    
20     Mind Drop In Centre

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