Gentile Peasantry


CD Digipack (RIE93) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

This album is the Sister album to HARVEST RAIN "Blood Hymns".
It also contains the original members of HARVEST RAIN.
The songs were recorded during the same Yuletide - Winter Solstice Sessions as the tracks on "Blood Hymns".
In fact there is really nothing all that different from this version of "Pillars of Ice" than on the BLOOD HYMNS version except the chanting in the song which is a "Listian Magickal Formulae" or an "Armanen Magickal Formulae" (Listian as in Guido Von List).
This version of "Thuletide" is the original.
I added the icy keyboard version on BLOOD HYMNS later on right before that album was released.
This album was in fact the original album that I had released under the moniker of "CAIN RIVER" instead of HARVEST RAIN.
It was my first attempt at playing HARVEST RAIN with electric guitars, drums and record what one could cal l a "rock" or "dark wave" album instead of being strictly limited to dark folk.
The album is inspired by MIGUEL SERRANO just as BLOOD HYMNS was and is.
The extra tracks were recorded mostly during the same sessions, but kept off of any albums.
"Jason Thompkins"

Harvest Rain is the musical project of Jason Thompkins. Born and raised in South Carolina, Jason Thompkins created Harvest Rain to capture the Autumnal phenomena of Southern history inside of Harvest Rain's music.
It has been labeled as neofolk music.
Members include Axel Frank of the German neofolk group Werkraum and also Jamey Thompkins, Jason's younger brother.
American painter and musician Tor Lundvall has contributed artwork to two Harvest Rain releases, and also collaborated on the track 'Night Chorus' released on the album of the same name.
Matt Howden also plays guest violin for the first two tracks of their demo A Frost Comes w ith the Wind.
The music of Harvest Rain often has a ghostly quality while the lyrics are hallucinatory in nature.
Subjects deal with ghosts (often a "She" although we never learn who she may be), night, the black sun, the dark history of the South, Hyperborea/Thule, dawn, lanterns, cornfields and various other themes of the supernatural.
Harvest Rain dedicated their The Land of Tears is So Mysterious release to Esoteric Hitlerism figure Miguel Serrano.

1. Pillars of Ice
2. A Gentile Man
3. Iron Flowers
4. Labour
5. Coat of Arms
6. Red River Tide
7. Thuletide (Original Version)
8. Limbs und Wind

§ Extra Tracks
9. Blue Ice
10. An Empty House
11. Bringing in the Shaves
12. The Grip of Nightfall
13. Shovel

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