Himmlische Feuer CD+7"


CD + 7" Box (Eis043) - EIS & LICHT

Limited Edition 30 copies

Rare special edition!

Second special edition of 30 copies in white-cardboard packaging fixed with metal-wax seal.
Includes the "Himmlisch Feuer" CD-Digipak plus a self-released 7" vinyl with 2 exclusive tracks.

Musically and lyrically, the nine tracks of the CD continue in the vein of Leger des Heils' debut, "Aryana," without straining the successful ideas of that album.
On "Himmlische Feuer," you'll find neoclassical hymns, melodic bombast, heroic chants, and pounding rhythms.
Dark-military-pop vs Neo-folk for the mysterious moments in life.

01. Gott
02. Willkomm Und Abschied
03. Nachtlied
04. Das Wasser
05. Mondnacht
06. Des Lebens Schauspiel
07. Nimm Die Erde
08. Herbst

A. Glaubensbewegung
B. Christusvisionen: Die Nonne

This is rare!
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