Trud (2007 re-edition)


CD Folder (Der Angriff No. 13 / IST 046 CD) - DER ANGRIFF

Reissue of famous russian old-school analogue industrial noise project by Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (also involved in Stalnoy Pakt and Vetrophonia).
Having been previously available only on tapes and long deleted vinyl, those records now are the ones of the most sought after collectibles of russian industrial culture heritage.
"Trud" (1997) has an exclusive previously unreleased bonus track .
A must for all fans of pure and true industrial art.

1  Enthusiasm     6:22
2  Organizovannij Trud     5:32
3  Metallostroj     6:32
4  U Stanka     11:00
5  Trudojov Front     7:45
6  Elektrostahl     4:37

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