A double album released in collaboration with the UK's PETA organisation, to whom a donation from each sale will be made.
Three recordings from December 2005 and January 2006 on each disc. "F.I.D.' (Fur Is Dead) follows the lead of the recent 'Minazo Vol. 1', the tracks are coated in defined melodies and ultra noisy denser textured ambience, the use of guitar feedback taken to a new sculptured level.
Each track here is very different, not staying in one set of sounds, which makes it a wonderfully balanced double album.
Looped melodies under a mound of feedback, crashing sounds that form into this wonderfully wonky melody full of strange nostalgia.
Slight spacey vibe recalling elements of 1997‚s 'Space Metalizer', as it drifts into tight moog-like twirls and twists of sound.
This album is transcending noise and music, this is audio painting of the highest form.

1-1 Exteriorization?@No.1 16:50
1-2 Forest Of Kelp 21:48
1-3 Seitaka 13:09

2-1 Exteriorization?@No.2 17:50
2-2 Transition 16:44
2-3 Kongara 16:52

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